2009 is going to be an exciting year with more of the rapid changes that we experienced in 2008 occurring at the planetary level as we swing closer to 2012.

According to experts in the fields of astrology, astronomy, geophysics, and Mayan calender predictions, 2012 is the year that humanity, along with the planet and the solar system and beyond, steps into a New Age of peace, wonder, miracles and awe as the evolutionary shift takes effect.

This is the age when the Feminine Principle comes into ascendancy.

We are currently in transition leading up to 2012, hence all the changes that are happening with such rapidity on a global level. These changes are occurring on every level of existence driven by an evolutionary step up in consciousness, from the energy of the number 1 into that of number 2, according to numerology.

As human beings, on the global level we are becoming more conscious every day, and as a consequence, the old world-view which supported war and aggression, economic inequality, plundering of planetary resources and fear-based government, is losing its popularity and falling away as the resonance changes.

People no longer will put up with these grievous errors in perception, such as the atrocities occurring in the Gaza Strip, and the massive payouts that the big corporate boys at the top are giving their mates at the expense of shareholder. Instead they are demanding openness, compassion, equality, peaceful co-existence and dignified respect for the life process at whatever level of being. This is the energy of the Feminine Principle.

Recently I blogged about a call from a midwife, who is working at the coalface in a big hospital in one of the capital cities in Australia, for women to actively engage in the process of growing their awareness of the birthing process. She highlights the extreme ignorance of many of the women who come into the hospital to have their babies. These women unwittingly pass their lack of awareness along to their children by way of imprinting birth trauma that persists for the life-time of the child.

Aware mothers give birth to aware babies that grow to be conscious adults.

Conscious adults shape the society they are living in for the better.

As women we need to be at the forefront of consciousness change because we are so intimately connected to the next generation and how it creates its own future.

As aware women, we need to help our less conscious sisters to recognise the vital importance of their role as mothers and care-givers in shaping the world of the future.

Many women have told me how much my book has helped them to recognise this role in raising the consciousness of themselves and the planet.

Please pass my book on to your sisters, your friends, your daughters, and your grand-daughters. It’s about handing on the good news so that the whole of humanity can benefit, and the echo is then passed on down through succeeding generations.

It is time we factored our children’s children’s children, and their right to quality life on this planet, into the equation of how we live today, in the recognition that the past creates the future. It is women who have the wisdom and biological circuitry to do that consciously.

The seeds we plant in our children today will be harvested in the coming generations, as they carry the baton forward into the future.

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  2. Having been in a situation recently where my own mothers awareness took a great leap through a process of discovering cancer in her body and recognising the relevance of this to reconnecting with her daughters from her 1 st marriage and the forgiveness that needed to take place  – I can honestly say that it humbled me to realise how much my own awareness and consciousness in the unfolding process of life has affected my mother and in turn changed her awareness which has reflected back on me.  Annie if only all healers were as intuitive as you at describing the processes that need to flow on between the generations there would be some massive planetary healing going on right now but you are living proof that it IS unfolding and we are getting there.

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