The current astrological configurations we are experiencing right now indicate tumultuous change coming thick and fast to the planet in the days to come. It won’t just affect some people, or people who understand astrology, but all of us who live out our lives under the great canopy of stars that blaze across the Heavens. 
Each of the heavenly bodies contributes individually and synergistically to the state of affairs of all living beings on this planet. Simultaneously, the patterns are constantly re-configuring themselves, creating a kaleidoscope of shifting patterns of influence. Right now the great movements in the sky are generating patterns that are transmitting significant and powerful effects on the planet, not felt for eons.
Moreover, the alignment of our solar sun with the Great Galactic Centre (the Dark Rift at the centre of the Galaxy) is being watched with more than just a passing interest by many scientists working in the fields of astro-physics, physics, cosmology, and geophysics because it is recognised as a very significant opening to extremely powerful electro-magnetic radiation that will dramatically affect life here on Earth. A number of major scientific projects are planned to take advantage of this unique opportunity created by the alignment.

This massive flooding of high vibration electro-magnetic radiation will not only affect the behaviour of atoms and matter, but will have a dramatic impact on human behaviour and thinking.
One source postulates that the major exposure will occur for only a small amount of time, eight minutes in all, but during that tiny window, humans will literally be 'enlightened' as the massive electro-magnetic wave directs it's intensity uninterruptedly towards our planet.
According to this report, we will literally be bombarded with new and profound thoughts that will be instantly manifested. However, once the full blast has passed, the effect will decline as well and if we have not taken the opportunity to make the most of this 'moment' we will slip back to 'non-magical' thinking over time.
How important then that we are ready to take advantage of this critical sliver of time when we can open up to new portals of consciousness which will bring about deep and profound changes in the way we live, love and relate to one another and the planet.
Whether we are ready or not, radical change is upon us, as the galaxy and beyond shifts up a notch to a higher vibrational frequency under the influence of a massive electromagnetic surge during the alignment.
In our own relatively insignificant lives, we are constantly under the sway of powerful energetic influences in the form of high frequency radiation, albeit invisible to the naked eye, which impinges on us deeply on all levels of being. But most of the time we are unaware of these influences and what they bring, such as emotional and mental spikes, physical symptoms and relationship and work upheavals
Often, without a consciousness of their effect, we instead simply berate ourselves for not managing, not being good enough, feeling bad, stressed, unable to keep up, etc, etc. However, it is becoming increasingly evident, and accepted in certain scientific circles, that unseen forces of energy shape our moods just as potently as the hormones and neurotransmitters that function in our bodies to generate feelings and thought patterns.
So we are influenced in our behaviours and values by cosmic energies from the heavens as well as from the physical matter of the body – heaven meets earth.
It is well recognised that geophysical forces also play a part in affecting our behavioural and emotional functioning. These forces are often likened to the meridians or energy conduits of the planet, similar to those in the human body, and in other life forms, such as animals, plants etc.
It is no surprise then that we find medicines in the natural world that work on the human psyche, by balancing and manipulating the electro-magnetic energies (the life-force) that feed and nourish our physical body into existence and maintain it until it dies.
These medicines affect our consciousness  by shaping our thinking and our feelings in the way we relate. And it is exactly these human functions that will be affected under the electro-magnetic surge of the alignment.
Gaia, our planet, has within her cornucopia of treasures, remedies that assist humankind to ride the wave of change into the next reality, rapidly coming upon us. Flowers are the purified, energetic expression of the plant world, undistorted by the ego and lower desires that plague humanity.
Dancing Aliens?
Flowers, when transmuted alchemically into Flower Essences, as the healing expression of Gaia’s highest wisdom, assist humanity to ride the wave of change we are facing in this remarkable time. It is interesting that Flower Essence Therapy has come into vogue at exactly the moment when humanity most needs assistance to transit the changes.
Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences provide this assistance by supporting us to tap into our own inner wisdom, to hold our space and to listen to our intuitive whisperings. As we balance our inner knowing with the influences that constantly affect us from outside, we shore up our belief in ourselves, reflecting that confidence out into the world. And this is exactly what will be needed in the next weeks and days as we approach the 'Passage of Possibility', those eight few minutes of exposure to the energies of the Great Rift (known as the womb of the Great Mother), to a new age on Earth.
With confidence we can step through these changes to an enhanced life, simply because we have ceased to draw fear into our world and so the world around us reflects our inner calm.
Let us be so grateful that we have been given safe and powerfully effective natural medicines to help us to ride the changes.
Truly it is the meeting of Heaven and Earth when the Heavens (astrology) portend the changes and Earth (flower essences) provide us with the survival kit to transit the Shift of the Ages!
Seeing Eye – can we see what needs to be perceived at this time?
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  1. Good info. Lucky me I found your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have book marked it for later!

  2. Annie says:

    Yes stumbleupon is a good service isn’t it!!

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