man-relaxing2Many people are talking about the polar shift that is predicted to be happening in 2012. I wrote on this topic in a recent post in my blog. There is a cloud of gloom and doom surrounding the forecast because a number of commentators have interpreted it to mean that the world is coming to an end.

For many, in particular young people, the sense of hopelessness that such a belief incurs not only saps them of their sense of hope for a bright future, but it is also downright damaging. For some, stockpiling and squirreling away for desperate times has become an obsession.

From my understanding of what is going on in the world right now, this polar reversal is one of the most exciting and promising evolutionary shifts that the world has experienced for thousands of years.

In reality what is happening is that the shift represents a turn-around of global direction, not necessarily physically but energetically, from a prevailing masculine energy shaping the views, structures, customs, beliefs and behaviors of the world we live in to a more feminine energy. This shift is fast becoming prevalent and preferred by people at the grassroots level.

At last the balance is being redressed as feminine values are coming into play in the wake of the crumbling of existing patriarchal (masculine) societal structures that have shaped society for thousands of years and culminated in a male-dominated religions, economy, government and health management.

Furthermore, the general populace, more informed than they have ever been in the history of humankind, thanks in large part to the internet, is demanding this softer more female approach.

One example of this is in their choice of health care. People want to be proactive and take responsibility for their own health-care, not just go to a doctor and be directed, through the use of harsh pharmaceuticals and invasive techniques, by an authority outside of themselves.

Since the late 1980’s over 60% of Australian people have exercised their option of choice by selecting Natural Medicine as a preferred treatment strategy. This is compared to a 2% usage rate for natural therapists in the 1960’s.

People are voting with their feet and choosing an inclusive form of health management where they are in a cooperative and collaborative relationship with their therapist.

Other examples of the more inclusive, less directed approach being demanded include the upsurge in networking that is now such a prevalent method of doing business, the vigilant watch over child abuse and pornography, and the Obama-led 180 degree shift in political direction, driven by a significant proportion of the American population, away from war-mongering and power strutting to caring for the nation’s people.

This morning (26th March, 2009) I listened to a program on ABC radio about the influence of the internet in developing new ways of doing business globally.

What was discussed was that at the moment we are not only witness to the collapse of the economy, but a radical disintegration of the existing patriarchal structures. These changes include not only how we do business, but how we live our lives, relate to one another and what dreams and ideals we hold for our future and that of our children.

The feminine values of cooperative co-creating, networking, alliances for group enhancement, nurturing, connection and consideration of the whole, rather than the part, are all expressed in the way the internet functions.

The internet, the unstoppable phenomenon revolutionizing the world, operates as an interconnecting web with no hierarchical, linear structure organizing or controlling its direction. The primary product sold online is information, much of which is shared freely and cooperatively.

Products are commonly not tangible and concrete but involve participation in a ‘resonance’ group of like-minded people forming cells of thought for which membership is paid to enter the network. Alliances are formed between web-site operators that involve cooperative marketing in a win-win strategy that is the antithesis of competitive marketing. And in many cases customers, or members, are consulted about product development so that they not only feel included in the evolution of a product, but ensure a better product through the ‘whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ principle (the old two heads are better than one approach).

All of these strategies are expressions of the feminine value system, biologically inscripted into the female body.

We can no longer sit and watch while women are refused holy orders in the churches, are overlooked in preference to a male elected representation at Governmental levels, and have to cover their bodies and walk behind men in Muslim countries.

We don’t have to fight for our rights – that is the ‘old way’ masculine approach. We just have to believe that as women and the bearers of the feminine essence we must stand firm and hold the place for peace, cooperation and connection in the world.

The planet is groaning under the weight of the old way of doing things. The environment needs nurture and cooperative co-existence, not plunder and collateral damage from war-mongering and power-grabbing.

All these rapid world changes point to the break-down of the old and an emergence of a new way of being. Feminine values are by no means ‘new’ but are at last taking their place on the world stage alongside the existing masculine paradigm to soften, solidify and moderate future directions of the planet.

In the truest sense female and male are now ready to stand together respecting and honouring each other to create wholeness and generate a harmony that has never before been known on the planet. This is the emergence of the New Age of Enlightenment, predicted to occur in 2012, and is heralded by a polar shift in consciousness from the masculine to the feminine polarity.

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    Please can you tell where I can buy your book?

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  2. Annie says:

    Hi Christine
    Both of my books are available through my other website, Please just click the shop link at the top to be taken the shop. I do hope you enjoy the book 🙂



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