Blowing Away the Winter Blues

Jenny came to visit me in my clinic. She looked withdrawn, her eyes were dull, her face scowling and her shoulders hunched. When she began to talk, I detected a whining in her voice and a sense of defeat in her demeanour.

” I seem to be struggling again”, she said. “I thought that I had worked through my old poverty attitude and felt like my business had taken a dramatic shift for the better in direct response to my ‘attitude shift'” she went on. “But lately business has dropped off, I am feeling tired and I seem to have no motivation or ability to move out of my negative thinking patterns. I find I don’t even have the energy to visualise my success any more and I keep wondering what the universe is trying to tell me.”

As we talked I discovered that she had been working really hard over the past couple of months because her business had been flat out for a while there. She had had little time out and spent most of her time interacting with customers or doing the behind-the-scenes paperwork. She was essentially devitalised and her basic resources were depleted.

She was suffering from the Winter Blues! Winter is a time of regeneration, restocking, replenishing, renewing, rejuvenation and re-creation. Our BodyMind is not set up to go, go, go all the time and consequently Nature has built into our yearly calendar a time to re-create ourselves through recreation and rest. It is a time for going within to ‘dream up’ our vision for the next cycle which will start in spring. To read more about the different seasonal energies and how they affect us, emotionally, physically and mentally click here

Nature has given us the beautiful gifts of Spirit of Woman Flower Essences to assist our passage through the ‘dark energies’ of winter. These are the flowers that align particularly with this time of year :

Silver Wattle

Silver Wattle uplifts the pessimism of winter and helps us see the light ahead. Assists in realising that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that the dark energy of winter is part of the cycle. Helps us seek the ‘treasure of gold’ (inner wisdom) within. To lift depression. Click here for more information on Silver Wattle and how you can buy it online.


Dandelion assists when you disconnect from your body intelligence which is trying to tell you what is right for you. It helps you to align with your physical needs rather than forcing yourself beyond your capacity under the influence of your mind. It also supports digestive function which is weaker in winter. Click here for more information on Dandelion and how you can buy it online.

White Wandering Jew

White Wandering Jew helps to realign your body clock, which is affected for some in winter through lack of sunlight, causing SAD (Seasonally Affective Disorder). This can lead to severe depression and lack of motivation in winter. White Wandering Jew adjusts the Pineal Gland which regulates the body clock. Click here for more information on White Wandering Jew and how you can buy it online.

Snail Vine

Snail Vine supports where there is loss of libido, depleted sexual energy, fatigue and plundered basic energy resources. It awakens you to the need for rest and re-creation to restore and restock your deep resource energy and assists with cellular regeneration. Click here for more information on Snail Vine and how you can buy it online.

Swamp Lily

Swamp Lily is for exhaustion, feeling over-stretched and dried out. It assists you to re-prioritise yourself in to the equation especially when you are a mother or carer. It helps you to re-focus on your own energy needs. It helps to re-moisturise your body systems. Click here for more information on Swamp Lily and how you can buy it online.

Each of the above essences can be taken singly, or to really blow the winter cobwebs out, take them simultaneously, seven drops of each twice a day. You will emerge from the depths of winter feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to bounce into the new energy of spring.

To read more about the different seasonal energies and how they affect us, emotionally, physically and mentally click here.

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