This exquisite flower helps you speak when you need to speak, be silent when you need to be silent, and most of all to access and love your own uniqueness. It helps women to assert themselves effectively, without aggression, to make themselves heard. It also helps them to express clearly and openly who they are. As women, we no longer need to hide our true selves from the world. Working with this subtle yet powerful essence assists with your confidence and expressing yourself.

Here is a comment from someone who used this beautiful little flower essence:

It helped in a subtle way to regain the confidence back when confronting people regarding jobs etc. I noticed that when I took it before I had to confront work, people, etc. I felt sure of myself (psychologically as well I guess) and better with myself.

After that I took Cassia because it represented more of the feeling I carry within myself, but it seemed to have no influence on me, but as time passed I felt these feelings occupy my soul and my attitudes even more.

~Erat Sudai



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