The Australian Bush Flower Essences have been a vitally important part of my life journey. Although I am not teaching the Levels 1 and 2 anymore, the Correspondence Course and the Teacher Training Course for natural medicine colleges, both of which I authored, are still valuable components of the Bushie’s body of work right around the world, and I am delighted that it is so.

I still use Bush Essences regularly in my clinical work. They are effective adjuncts to all of the healing modalities that I use and I often simply work with them alone, in conjunction with counselling.

Bush Flower Essences are a high frequency energy medicine that accesses the higher wisdom of a person, acting to put a positive spin on a downward spiralling negative emotion by harmonising incoherent energy states. When the energy field is balanced a person is able to draw on inner resources to resolve a situation, rather than becoming overwhelmed by the negative energy.

That is why Bush Flower Essences work so well for women (and men too of course!) Women in particular, are driven on an emotional see-saw each month because the hormones that govern the menstrual cycle often precipitate negative states of mind. More about why this happens can be found in my book The Essence of Woman and in regular posts on my blog informing you of the latest research on the powerful mind-body effect of hormones on emotional states.

Many women who come to see me tell me that just before their period they often suffer with a negative self-image that can have them hating themselves at best and contemplating suicide at worst. These feelings of despair and lack of self-confidence commonly affect their relationships with their primary partner and their children and can wreak havoc in their work environment.

Australian Bush Flower essences introduce a lighter note to these down times where often just an understanding of the tendency for self-abusive thoughts coupled with the appropriate Bush Essence lifts the mood and lightens the load.

I have dedicated a chapter to the Australian Bush Flower Essence blends that I regularly use with women as they journey through a range of different life phases, each heralded by hormonal shifts. Women swear by the ease of being that the Bush Essences bring about. They work easily, swiftly and without trauma, to help life flow. And isn’t that what women need to do – just go with the flow?

Here are the blends that I recommend for different phases in a woman’s life:

Maiden Power – this essence assists in smoothing the transition from child to young maiden; balances erratic hormones, assists with powerful emotional surges and retains balance and a sense of direction through this major life change.

Conception Blend – this essence balances hormones and supports conception by clearing emotional baggage around parenting and calling in the baby.

Pregnancy Blend – this essence supports the mother-to-be with the demands of pregnancy, both emotionally and physically, and assists the mother in making connection with her unborn baby.

Fairy Godmother Blend – fairy godmothers traditionally brought gifts to bestow upon a new baby. This blend offers the newborn the gifts of protection on all levels of being, grounding in the physical body as the soul enters the physical body, release from the  ‘sins’ of the parents (negative transgenerational energy), assistance in bonding and enhanced sensitivity to ‘feel the love’

New Mum – this gentle yet powerfull essence assists new Mums adapting to the major life transition that a baby brings, supporting her emotionally nand physically. It brings confidence, flexibility and helps relieve post-natal depression.

New Dad – This blend supports the new Dad’s transition into an unfamiliar realm. Assists him adapting to his new role. Encourages him finding his unique expression of fatherhood.

Vital Energy Blend – assists in staying healthy and vital. Supports clear decision-making. Maintains emotional balance.

Woman Power – Frees a woman’s spirit to allow the creative expression that comes with confidence and clear-sight. Assists her to stand in her power while retaining the softness of her feminine essence.

Wise-Woman Power – this beautiful blend buoys the spirit and encourages lightness of being. Brings a sense of dignity and joy in the ‘glowing’ old process.


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