This exciting course is the first of its kind – it is offered to women from all walks of life – but more particularly to women who:

  • have menstruation or gynaecological problems
  • are considering having a child and want to consciously conceive
  • are experiencing fertility problems
  • are already pregnant
  • are coping with the early stages of motherhood
  • are in a primary relationship that is stressful and demanding
  • want to understand the ways to get the best out of your relationship

The course is based on the Body-Mind understanding expressed in the book The Essence of Woman

It will be conducted as a workshop. This structure ensures that participants will gain understanding through  experiencing and sharing with other participants, as well as learning new and insightful information designed to assist them in their life process.

It also allows personal interaction with me, to answer your personal questions and to guide you through your own unique issues. You will get first-hand answers, strategies and advice gleaned from my thirty years in clinical practice working with women and from my own life experience.

I have many real life case histories to share (real names withheld for privacy of course). Each of these personal stories will have some resonance with you in your own life and will offer new ways of seeing yourself out of any personal dilemma you are currently experiencing, particularly in the realm of relationships.

Originally set down to commence on March 21st, 2009, we have responded to requests for a more user-friendly timetable, particularly for Mums with young children. I have responded by making the course shorter, starting a little later in the year and making the gaps between the dates longer.

 Also, the new dates will not clash with the large number of long weekends that are such a big part of the first half of the year.

The new dates are scheduled for the first Saturday of each month starting in June and finishing in September, i.e., 6th June, 4th July, 1st August and 5th September.



Included in this more compact and restructured course will be one day on Relationships, an inclusion that is a natural outcome of the Essence of Woman content.

This is one of the directions that my work is taking me because it is so obvious that the quality of our intimate relationships is such a crucial part of everyone’s life.





I do apologise to those who have already booked for canceling out at the last minute. I can assure you that the ‘new improved’ version will be worth the wait!
More details on the course in following newsletters.








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3 Responses to Essence of Woman Short Course

  1. Leanne van der Hout says:

    Could you tell me where your courses are held and the cost please?

  2. anniemm says:

    Dear Leanne van der Hout, Thank you for your enquiry re courses run by Spirit of Woman. We are holding the next one on August 15th. For more details please go to my website and click the link WORKSHOPS on the top menu bar. would love to see you there. It is an exciting and life-changing workshop

    Love and light,
    Annie Meredith

  3. Sounds great to me, I think the workshop will really help a lot of women. As a post menopausal woman, this course can help me in many ways, how can I effectively go through this one difficult phase in my life because of the hormonal changes and the effects on my physical, psychological and emotional aspect of my life.

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