We live in an era of explosive change encoded in the heavens and foretold in the prophecies of spiritual traditions around the world. A wave of evolution touches all areas of our world and our lives, from climate change and economic freefall to politics, business, medicine, the arts, religion, education and science. This magical moment in Earth’s history is a turning point, a time of shifting consciousness filled with quantum possibilities for transforming our lives and our world.

In an earlier post I spoke about the Feminine Energy Shift currently taking place globally, heralding a transformation from the old patriarchal paradigm to the ‘new’ feminine consciousness.

As above, so below – what is happening at the human level of existence is mirrored at the geo-physical level where change is happening at a disquieting rate.

Scientists have been baffled by the expansion of ice in Antarctica (the South Pole), while the opposite is happening in the Arctic Circle (the North Pole) – ice is retracting fast.

A recent finding by the British Antarctic Survey and the US space agency NASA explains an apparent contradiction between the recent record thaw of ice in the Arctic and an increase in ice around Antarctica during the past 30 years.

The scientists say damage to the ozone layer, which shields the planet from ultraviolet rays, cooled the stratosphere and disrupted wind patterns around Antarctica.

They say that the shift meant winds blew off the continent more often, cooling the sea and creating more ice.

Sea ice around Antarctica has expanded at a rate of around 100,000 square kilometres per decade since the 1970s, and now covers an area of about 19 million square kilometres at its winter maximum, doubling the size of the continent.

By contrast, summer sea ice around the North Pole shrank in 2007 to the smallest since satellite records began in the 1970s.

Symbolically speaking, the South Pole, which classically relates to yin and the feminine polarity, is literally gaining ground, while the yang, male polarity is retracting.

The scientific reason being given is the hole in the ozone layer. While a hole in the protective layer around the planet cools the stratosphere creating new wind currents, it also means an increase in solar energy (sunlight) penetrating the stratosphere and affecting the globe.

In metaphysical terms, an increase in light represents an increase in consciousness coming in to the planet from higher dimensions, bringing change.

Wind, metaphysically, relates to change, and the world is currently experiencing a whirlwind of change on every level, especially change that is aligned with the feminine principle (cool winds coming off the Antarctic continent – the yin pole).

An increase in feminine energy around the globe heralds a radical change in the way that we have been thinking. This shift calls on both males and females to embrace a new world order to replace the old ways, which, clearly, are no longer serving humanity or the planet.

The feminine principle is more about:

  • nurturing others rather than focusing singularly on one’s own needs (e.g. questioning corporate high flyers taking the cream off the top and calling for equality in wealth-sharing),
  • connecting and networking with others rather than competing against others (NB. the power of the internet to connect people),
  • conserving resources rather than expending them (the environmental duty of care as opposed to mindless plundering of planetary resources)
  • a desire to move towards peaceful global co-existence rather than war and destruction instigated by wealthier nations flexing their power hungry muscles and territorial skirmishes.

"This new research helps us solve some of the puzzle of why sea ice is shrinking in some areas and growing in others," says John Turner of BAS and lead author of the report, which appears in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

So too, does a thoughtful recognition of how geo-physical changes are a distinct parallel with consciousness changes currently sweeping the planet.

Let’s welcome the change with joy and celebration, supporting the new paradigm in our everyday lives by embracing the feminine, softer side within us all, whether we are male or female.

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6 Responses to Feminine Energy Shift

  1. Tahn says:

    I need to read the book now. i loved the way you have put this together. i love the desriptions of the flowers and there are many levels of theri application.

  2. Anne R says:

    This finally feels real, and I’m so glad it’s happening. Balance and peace soon to come!!

  3. Jen says:

    I am researching the pole shifting topic and have been thinking about the possibility of this happening. I tend to maintain a spiritual perspective when exploring topics like these. A thought I had was the pole shifting is one way mother earth would restore balance to masculine and feminine energies. Thank you for your beautifully written entry. Peace, light and love!

  4. Jen says:

    Wow! Ok, my last comment time of posting says 1:11pm. It is currently 8:15 MST, and I am writing this just minutes after my last comment. To me, seeing 1's is a message from spirit guides that I am right on track. I have been seeing triple numbers like 555 222 and especially 11:11 for about 10 years now and the synchronicities have just been spectacular. It all started with seeing 5:55, which represents "an awakening" or change coming, in my mind. Funny, the first comment was posted on 5:55! A synchronicity to me 😉

  5. anniemm says:

    Jen » At last we are beginning to see the amazing truth…the pole shift is referring of course to a consciousness shift and nothing is more evident as we hasten towards the ‘pointy end’ that the shift is about humanity ‘coming from the heart’ at last, rather than coming from the head. When head and heart are balanced then the so-called ‘Golden Age’ is upon us – masculine and feminine balanced to create the whole. Bring it on…..

  6. anniemm says:

    Jen » Love that synchronicity! 11:11 has been in my consciousness for many years also. A couple of days ago I needed a parcel to arrive that day, which had it not, would have caused a sequence of undesired outcomes! As I was contemplating the issue, I noticed it was 11:11 so I stopped, imagined the portal opening and then saw my desired outcome, the parcel arriving on time, through the portal. I then went on with the business of the day and paid no mind to it!
    As I arrived home later in the day and parked the car, at precisely the same time, the postal van pulled up outside the house. The delivery lady said “We forgot to deliver this earlier, so I am so glad you are here because you have to sign for it. Without the signature, we can’t leave it” I would not have been home any earlier to sign! I sent a silent prayer of gratitude to Source and signed for my parcel. Such power in that number sequence 11:11.

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