Breathtakingly beautiful, these flowers in the sky are so timeless and still, expressing the overwhelming magnificence of the natural world. The shapes are so familiar to us – when we behold a flower we see the same patterns repeated over and over again. . Watch and be still and sense the awesome presence – this is the Universe of which we are an intrinsic part – like flowers of life we are mirrored throughout eternity – in the Heavens above and here on Earth.

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3 Responses to Hubble – Touch into Eternity with these Flowers of Life in the Sky

  1. Rose-marie says:

    What informative & fun reading & viewing. You are a powerful Goddess of your service. Thanks for so much of interest.
    Cheers, Blessings and Laughter Rose-marie.

  2. anniemm says:

    Dear Rosemarie, thanks for your warm acknowledgment. A xx

  3. anniemm says:

    Dear Rose-marie,

    Thank you Rose-marie for your warm acknowledgment. I so enjoyed meeting you at the Natural Health Expo and would love to catch up again one day soon for a chat. I felt an immediate connection with you. How did the essences go?
    Love and light,
    Annie xx

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