We have just had International Women’s Day. What a great celebration of the female gender – and then I started to think……isn’t it interesting that we do not have International Men’s Day, And why not, I wonder?

Is it that men are so humble that they do not need to be celebrated in the same way that women do?

Or is it that there is an already existing automatic assumption that in this culture males are the predominant gender, and that there therefore is a kind of obligation to give the little woman a pat on the back once a year?

A bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach really, but, the question does provoke deep thought and has had me very interested to seek answers. I welcome your comments.

It led me to ponder the notion that is being talked about at many levels – in ‘spiritual’ circles, by environmental sages and groups, in scientific circles and in the realm of new physics – that the globe is heading towards a polar shift.

It has happened before, according to archeologists, geologists and new age seers. Geological evidence demonstrates that there has been a flip of the globe many times before in the history of the planet.

While I don’t doubt that the planet is undergoing a massive shift at the moment, that is both affecting and being affected by the dramatic climate changes, that are impacting landscapes, changing coastlines and causing the polar caps to melt startling quickly, there are changes happening on other levels of existence on the globe that resonant with the physical changes.

If we recognise that existence on this planet embraces not only the physical dimension but also the relational  or energetic level of human affairs (and plant and animal, of course) then we can be sure that energetic changes are taking place in these realms as well.


As women we have long fitted into a prevailing mind-set that is deeply rooted in the masculine principle.

Cosmopolitan values within this paradigm include hierarchy (there’s a bottom and a top and to get to the top you have to use the intellect not feelings), logical thought (valued over intuition), linear progression (in spite of the fact that nature moves in circles) and competitive (that is working against somebody rather than with them).

Now, I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with the values described above, that is, unless they are the ONLY values that are operating within a society.

Feminine values are very different. They favour power-sharing, intuitive knowing, net-working for optimum outcomes and process-orientated approaches.

Taken together these values can create a perfectly balanced society when both sets are acknowledged. That way, instead of competing with one another, they can together mould the structure and functioning of the everyday world we live in.

Up until fairly recently however, feminine values have taken second position, and cosmopolitan mainstream society has largely expressed masculine values.

A Polar Shift is Coming

However, nothing ever remains static. Times are a-changing and there is a polar shift occurring. No, not only one that involves the North and South pole of the planet necessarily but rather, one that recognizes that females and males occupy opposite ends of the bi-polar expression of human beings (and all other beings in nature as well).

And feminine values are beginning to emerge from the groundswell of popular opinion and be recognized as values that need to be embraced by society in this time of tumultuous change.

One example of this is the recent kerfuffle caused by NFL player, Brett Stewart who raped a 17 year-old girl after a big boozie night out. The club (boy’s club!!) was happy to reinstate him to play next week but there was such a reaction from the public that the NFL head honcho reversed the decision and fined the Manly club for the player’s behaviour.

It is not OK any longer for the male macho principle of rape, pillage and plunder and boy’s rule to be tolerated by the general public. The outcry demonstrated that the public is changing the notions of what is fair, compassionate and just behaviour especially for those in the public arena.

We no longer need the ‘expand and multiply’, war-mongering, ‘top of the pile wins’ attitudes in times when the planet is groaning under the effects of years of thoughtless rape and pillage (of the environment and the planet’s resources as well) and the world population suffering from inequality of power sharing.

What we now need are the values of conservation, restoration, support and caring to maintain the resources that we have and to uphold the well-being of the existing population. These are feminine values. This is the polar shift we need.

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2 Responses to International Woman’s Day

  1. bring it on sista!!!!

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