Females and males are polar opposites, cleverly designed by nature way back when the original moulds were made.

 Living in an urban environment, which allows such diversity of roles for both women and men, often blinds us to our original gender inheritance. Today we are born as uniquely genderised as we were in days gone by.

The truth is that our gender is not only biologically written into the hard-wiring of our genitals but it is also imprinted permanently onto our brain structure. Furthermore it is  reinforced, at the cellular level, by the genderising hormones  that flood our bodies both in utero during foetal development and again, even more emphatically, at the time of adolescence.

Subsequently, from that time on, from moment to moment each thought we have, as either a female or a male, further imprints our gender preferences on every level of being, physical, emotional and mental.

Males and females are very different in their thoughts, feelings, values, perceptions, judgments, ambitions, desires and needs. We are designed to be so. This is how we complement one another and how we can together create a family unit.

In a recent survey both men and women were asked to describe the kind of person they would really like to be.

This is what they said:

What Men Want:

Men chose: bold, competitive, capable, dominant, assertive, admired, practical, prestige, power, to own things.

What Women Want:

Women chose: warm, loving, generous, attractive, friendly, giving, service to others, meeting interesting people

 No wonder that we often don’t see eye-to-eye!!

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