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  1. kristy_ann79@bigpond.com says:

    Hi Annie,

    I had purchased your essence of woman book and paid through paypal recently and I am yet to receive my book.

    Can you please let me know if you have posted it as it has not been received at my post box yet?

    Best wishes… looking forward to the read!

    Kristy 0419 744 704

  2. marina says:

    Hello … I am looking forward to getting your newsletter … Unfortunately I ran into difficulty on your website and I do not think it worked … I’m not sure if it’s just my PC or something to do with the html on the webpage developer end…

    Please put me on the newlstter list if I’m not already on it – warm wishes – marina

  3. Joseph Rogers says:

    Hi Annie!
    I sat in on one of your bush flower essence lectures and Endeavour fortitude Valley a few years back and was wondering if i could get in contact with you to find out about getting my Bach/Bush/SOW essences qualifications and training. I was on the bush flower home site and saw a mention that you may be heading up a distance education course. I was just wondering if that was still relevant. Looking forward to hearing from you

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