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Something has changed – even though the world didn't self-destruct with the end of the Mayan calendar, as many predicted. No, the change is far more subtle than prophesied by those who chose to catastrophise this momentous event which was, in reality, a galactic alignment event, recognised by the Ancients as the end of an era and the beginning of a New Golden Age for humanity.

Many seemed disappointed that a major upheaval didn't occur, but they missed the subtlety. The changes that are evident are much more exciting by far! The Shift from the old to the new is being expressed as a shift in consciousness that is now in the wind and on the ground, opening people's awareness to the possibility of a different way of being and living on the planet. This New Earth consciousness is underpinned by the gentle yet powerful influence of the Divine Feminine, coming in like a cooling breeze fanning a scorched earth.

Humanity has long been under the influence of a core set of values and beliefs about the nature of life and the place human beings occupy on the planet. The underlying consciousness has driven human existence for thousands of years, bringing civilisation to a state of mastery over certain basic human needs, such as survival, security and power.  Although this set of values and beliefs has served the survival of the species, it has also created dominance over all other kingdoms, leaving a attitudinal legacy of arrogance and superiority and the physical reality of a planet that has been plundered and used thoughtlessly, without regard to the consequences of depleted resources for future generations.

However, that arrogance is now starting to falter. Nature is communicating to humanity in no uncertain terms, across the globe, that the planet has been poorly husbanded: the effect of climate change is bringing uncertainty and trauma, eroding the basic human needs of security and survival, which can no longer be taken for granted, and rendering those currently in power, powerless in the face of nature's fury as bush fires, floods, and earthquakes decimate familiar landscapes and disturb animal's migratory patterns. TV footage of parched, scorched and battle-scarred landscapes has driven an awareness of the need to change into the living room and many more people at the grassroots level are now voicing their concern.


The old ways of taking what we want, whenever we want it, are no longer viable and people the world over are recognising the need to embrace new ways of living on the planet, co-operatively and conservatively. As the scales  are falling from our eyes, more of us are seeing that we can no longer allow war and skirmishes to be the method of settling territorial disputes. We are understanding that it is time to change our perception, to embrace a consciousness shift that no longer divides the planet into separate territories owned by a tribe, race or subset of humanity but rather perceives the New Earth as a whole, supporting the family of humanity living cooperatively and sustainably, mindful of future generations that have a right to inhabit and enjoy.

In his book "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight " author Thom Hartmann ( ISBN 1 86325 213 4) quotes a tribe living in South America today that still operates under a system that allows both men and women to sit on a governing council and contribute proposals for legislation. However it is only women who are entitled to vote a proposal in or out! This is because it is considered by tribal wisdom, that only women have the inherent capacity to consider the interests of future generations in any decision made today. 

It is evident that under the guiding principle of the Divine Masculine, during the last three thousand years of patriarchal dominance, the interests of future generations of our children and children's children have not been considered. Nor has the conservation of planetary resources, the purity of underground water, the clarity of air, the fertility of soil, and the pristine beauty of our landscapes been a major concern, in the drive to have more in the here and now.

And it is this consciousness that needs to change and indeed is changing under the influence of the Galactic Alignment just gone. A subtle but powerful awareness has gradually been  permeating mainstream thinking, in spite of profit-driven media that tries to deny or minimise the need for an overhaul, causing a grass-roots murmur that is fast rising to a united call for a different approach.

And this is the change that has come at the end of the Mayan Calendar (designed by the Ancients to describe a period in the evolution of consciousness) ushering in a New Earth consciousness that will carry us forward into the future, ensuring the generations to come still have something of the planet left to enjoy. We are at the commencement of a new Golden Age for Humanity where we no longer have to be concerned with the more basic needs of survival, security and power, but where we can now come into our hearts and celebrate life, our relationships and live in abundance and gratitude for the planet that supports and nurtures us. That is – provided humanity can make the change that is necessary. For the truth is, that the major Shift of the Ages begins in the hearts of each individual. Make the change within yourself and you change the world around you simultaneously. 


The principles of the Divine Feminine are polar opposite to those of the Divine Masculine, under whose influence humanity has been evolving thus far. So instead of competition, the driving force behind capitalism, we now will work towards co-operation, so that all are included in the common wealth regardless of wealth or status, rather those young or risk-averse enough to take the cream off the top; we will have connection, where others are valued as intrinsically necessary for one's survival and contentment, rather than marginalised for skin colour,ageism or sexism; and conservation and sustainability rather than expenditure and continual growth, so that we maintain and strengthen what we have rather than continually striving forward without restoration and replenishment of our resources.

These values are diametrically opposed, yet it is the principles of connection, cooperation and conservation that are needed right now to redress the imbalance that is currently causing the planet, and those who live on her, such distress. 

This is not to negate the value of the principles that have been the foundation of our present civilisation. But, in the words of the Ancients, 'change is the only constant', so it has come to pass that we must recognise the signs tell us that we have over-reached one way of doing things, almost too far, and now it is time to do things differently or is it to 'be' different? 

It seems now that as humans, we need to place the emphasis on being rather than doing, until such time as we are rested, restored, refreshed replenished and rejuvenated and in a position to move forward under the twin flagship of balanced being and doing. In slowing down and taking stock we allow a planetary healing to take place which will in turn refresh the human spirit.

The values that will bring the healing the planet needs, reside with the Divine Feminine: those of cooperation, connection, conservation, caring, support and quietude. And these very same principles are the healing salve for every human being, regardless of any disease they may or may not present with.

Instead of striving for more and better (the competitive spirit) we can bless what we have rather than count what we don't have. To do that we need to slow down our hungry mind and open to our heart.


Embace your quiet times, meditate, engage mindfulness, eat wholesome food, rest and relax regularly, drop the need to succeed in the eyes of others and replace it with doing that which makes your heart sing, love yourselves and those who support you, offer your support to others where you can, live your life with a song of gratitude on your lips. Let the softness of the Divine Feminine envelop and cloak you in its mystery and rather that saying 'why is it so?' try 'how can I help?'.  Use Spirit of Woman Flower Essences to help bring about the changes.

And remember to talk, talk and talk more to others about how much you love to live and your gratitude for being alive, so that they too will see their path clear to wellbeing, within themselves and for the planet. The more we stand for what we love and live it, the more others want to do the same in their lives. This is how change comes about  on a grand scale – when enough people resonate to the same tune, suddenly everybody is humming it! 

earth_butterfly 2

May you enjoy the fruits of the New Earth. As subtle as they are, rather than leading to a fall, as Eve's apple was purported to have done, they have a flavour that will transport you into a state wonder, joy, abundance and Heaven on New Earth – when you slow down enough to savour them.

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  1. laurie says:

    This is so beautifully written. I have started blogging to do my little part. Sometimes it feels so small..but this does seem to be the way.

    Much love –


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