Optimum female health depends on staying warm, so Winter is the season to rug up, making sure that your body,

especially feet and legs, is always toasty. This keeps the all-important blood supply to the pelvis circulating

freely, ensuring that periods are painless and trouble-free.

More seriously, chronic cold affects a woman’s fertility, making pelvic circulation so sluggish that there is not enough

free-flowing blood in circulation to nourish a developing baby in the uterus. This can result in problems as the

baby grows in the womb when crucial developmental stages are taking place, leading to health problems after birth. 

Moreover, sluggish pelvic blood circulation restricts free-flow of blood to the genitals, so necessary during intercourse

for a pleasurable and complete climax.

So many good reasons why it is  so important to keep the pelvis, legs and feet warm!


  • Wear slippers on hard, cold floors.
  • Wear closed shoes to work on cool days, even if it means taking them off and replacing them with strappy shoes once when you get to work.
  • Wear tights or leggings that protect your legs.
  • Wear a long, warm singlet or camisole that covers your butt.
  • Take a hot water bottle to bed and lay in at the small of your back. It will warm your whole body. 


Chronic cold in the pelvis is one of the underlying cause of a range of gynaecological problems. It comes from failing to maintain easy, warm circulation in the pelvis and is usually the result of years of neglect in keeping warm.

Apart from the above more serious health outcomes, ultimately it will result in the appearance of unsightly spider-veins at the ankles and the legs, particularly the lower legs. These are irreversible.

Keeping warm all over is very much to be recommended for super-health.

A general tip is to always wear enough clothes to keep hands and feet warm – cold consumes valuable body energy that otherwise maintains the health of the functional organ systems, particularly the digestive system.

At the bottom line, one of the major differences between a dead body and a live one is that the live one is warm!

The colder we are, the more our body systems begin to hypo-function (become under-active and inefficient).

A typical example is a hypo-functioning thyroid – the gland that governs the transformation of food into useable energy. An under-active thyroid causes tiredness, bloating, lower basal body temperature and can lead to a mild form of depression.

Although our Winters are not very cold here in Brisbane, that does not mean that we mustn’t strive to maintain our body warmth. Your body is your the barometer to health – if you feel cold, then rug up.


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2 Responses to How Important it is for Women to keep Warm in Winter

  1. Robyn Semmens says:

    Annie as a student, patient and a friend, I look towards your knowledge like children did many moons ago for the learnings from the wise people of the family. Your knowledge is infinite and in terms that many can associate with. Many thanks always and for everything Robyn Semmens

  2. Annie says:

    Blessings, Robyn for your warm comments. What you appreciate in me is the wisdom that is within you already – isn’t that the way we women inspire one another – by sharing wisdom, love and beautiful jams and pickles?
    I love the ones you make and gift to me, with a relish!

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