Hailed as the wedding of the century (even though we are only one tenth into it!) Prince William and his commoner bride Kate fired up the heart of the world, in a brilliant display of British pageantry that caught the imagination of so many. According to ‘guess-timates’ there were two billion people viewing the spectacle across the globe.

It was elegant in its simplicity and understated style and seemed to cut through the dross of hyper-sophistication, leaving us, the viewers, feeling somehow deeply connected to the heartfelt intention of the young couple.

Kate looked serene, if somewhat shy and demure, especially when William saluted his entourage, but it was her dress that said it all for her – pure sterling silver this girl, and a fine match for the Prince of Hearts.

What a powerful statement they made as a couple – honouring the position of influence they carry, by celebrating love rather than pomp and ceremony. It is no doubt that the regalia of royalty was on display, and what a splendid treat to have the opportunity to see the Abbey, the landau, the coaches and the historical finery trotted out for all of us to enjoy. But all of that simply added to the feeling that was so evident. At its barest, it pared away the stiffness of privilege and social standing to reveal the simple joy and truth of love as a common thread that runs through all of us and taps us into our deepest yearnings.

Bravo dear young ones………you brought freshness and hope to the common people from the midst of your historically stiff and distant heritage.

The word that kept echoing in my mind as I watched the event was connection.

We all yearn for love and connection and an occasion like the Royal Wedding brings that aspiration out in all of us. Prince William’s mother Diana was affectionately known as the Queen of Hearts because she managed to touch into the deepest aspirations of all people and the tidal wave of love she evoked has never been forgotten. Her beloved son resonates to the same note.

We are blessed to have such a role model in both these two lovely young people for they remind us of the importance of love in our life, no matter how ‘common’ we perceive ourselves to be. It is love that makes all relationships ‘royal’ including the unique love relationship we have with ourselves. It is that that makes us sovereign in our own lives.

Thank God that humanity is turning the corner in some parts of the globe.

It is connection that maketh the human human, not wealth, ego-satisfaction, achievement or worldly success. These things satisfy our need for security, safety, basic survival and include food shelter and avoidance of pain, and are not to be diminished in relative importance in this three-dimensional world we live in. We have only to compassionately recognise the absence of these basic human rights throughout some countries in the Middle East to know that many of our human family suffer, on a daily basis.  

But in the so-called First World where we are suffering from an over abundance of material wealth with our two and three car families and houses that echo with emptiness because they are so big, it is the memories of the heart that bring the deepest peace on the deathbed.

Long live love, long live connection and may peace reign throughout the globe as we awaken to the throb of the love bond that exists throughout all the universe, connecting everything to everything else in the vast immeasurable web of life.

Thank you to the Prince of Hearts and his blessed bride for courageously parading their love for the world to see and feel.

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3 Responses to The Royal Wedding – a Heartfelt Experience

  1. Pam Eaton says:

    Dear Annie,
    Your expression of the love and connection of the Royal Wedding was divine.  How the handsome Prince and his gorgeous bride Kate won our hearts!!   It was a true spectacle and I feel sure that everyone will forever remember witnessing the occasion.  A "dream" future hopefully awaits the bride and groom.   Love and connection wins "hands down" and it is the emotion that all "mankind" yearns.
    Pam xx

  2. Dear Annie,
    I couldnt agree with you more ….As I watched the wedding, I couldnt help but feel so strongly, how this wedding would have united the hearts of people from all across the globe.
    For the first time, in only heaven knows how long, billions of people were gathered together witnessing an act of such love, and togetherness. And for once instead of praying for resurrection ( in the case of natural disasters), we were all praying for this couple to have a really happy life together.
    Your words in summation are very apt. ''Long live love, long live connection and may peace reign throughout the globe as we awaken to the throb of the love bond that exists throughout all the universe, connecting everything to everything else in the vast immeasurable web of life.''
    Much love and blessings

  3. Kelly says:

    In the short time Princess Diana had with her children what incredible impact & lessons she taught her children in that time. The love & happiness her son William has connected with is what she & we all desperately seek.
    How lucky were we to see such amazing filming of the event including seeing the excitement of those lucky spectators feeling that awesome energy first hand.
    Both William & Kate have given the world hope when hopelessness is rife in the world… Bless them both 😀

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