We hear so much about the incoming Divine Feminine energies but what does this mean for contemporary women from all walks of life, and in the various stages of womanhood?

The “Divine Feminine”, “Return of the Feminine”, the Sacred Feminine ” are all metaphors for the return to higher consciousness. We seek balance between the male and female aspects of the Self and when we find that balance we come into our power. The return of the feminine, is not about women ruling society; that would create imbalance. It is about the return to nature, to masculine/feminine aspects in harmony, yin and yang re-united so both hemispheres of the brain are working in balance leading to higher levels of consciousness.

When we take an overview of the changes taking place on a cultural level right across the globe we can begin to see that there is a subtle energy shift, in wake of the GFC, that calls for a slow-down of the galloping pace of life and a move towards co-operative rather than competitive relationships at home, in the business world and in the community.

This is an expression of the Divine Feminine whose values include co-operation, net-working, process-orientated, conservation, and support. The values we have been operating under are competitive, hierarchical, linear, expansion, and dog-eat-dog. The incoming Divine Feminine is ushering in a change in the way that society functions as well as a shift in the way that women perceive themselves and men relate to them.

Women are being called on to acknowledge these powerful energies within themselves and align with the vital primary forces of life that drive both their physical functioning and their psychology.

When a woman is empowered through this alignment she becomes exactly what nature intended her to be: sexy, articulate, intuitive, playful, feeling and healing. As the bearer of children, she carries the baton of life force energy through to the next generation. And because she is compelled to seek compassionate quality connection with those in her intimate circle, she is the connector, creating and re-creating the web of life that sustains us all. Her primary drive is to conserve, nurture maintain and support. With the planet teetering at the brink of exhaustion, it is the feminine principle that is now needed to redress the imbalance and heal.

When, as a woman, you tune into your female biological underpinning, you will learn how to listen to the whisperings of your own truth. You will then be open to the immense source of power that comes from acknowledging and living in alignment with your feminine core.

When, as a man, you understand the essential nature of the woman in your life, you will more easily dovetail into the soft undulations of the feminine psyche whilst retaining, upholding and engaging your own potent masculine spirit.

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15 Responses to What is the Divine Feminine?

  1. Thanks so much for your writing and work in the world. The Sacred Feminine is certainly making Herself known through many of us all around the world. I have a book being released very soon entitled, Blessings From Mary, which was inspired by Mary Magdalene and offers 365 Daily Meditations to keep us connected to the Sacred Feminine. 
    Blessings and love to you, 

  2. anniemm says:

    Sally Bartolameolli » Hello Sally, please let me know where and when I can obtain a copy of your new book – it sounds wonderful….

  3. Annie, I just saw something else in my Google Alerts and realize I did not every receive your email from June 6th. I would be happy to send you a copy of the book after you pay at http://www.blessingsfrommary.com-offerings-order the book! I'll cover shipping for my late response. 
    You may also purchase at Amazon as well. 
    Thanks for your interest. 
    Love and blessings, Sally
    p.s. I'm asking to be notified of any follow-up comments via email so that we can stay connected and in communication!

  4. […] chose this image to symbolise “Angels fall from Grace” THE DIVINE FEMINIE is about “Higher Conciousness” which I choose to symbolise here with the Eagle (Royal Bird) and hence linked to the […]

  5. KimberlyAnne says:

    Found your site through the lovely art work. Beautiful article. Reposted in our group. Perhaps you would like to join? We are "The Awakening to the Divine Feminine." Gratitude and Blessings for your post. <3

  6. Helen says:

    Thank you for clarifying priorities on which we need to be focusing. Diana Cooper mentions the importance of the Divine Feminine in her Transition to the Golden Age in 2032.  She mentions Hollow Earth and Ancient Wisdom in talking about the current opening of 33 Cosmic Portals, and #3 was Hollow Earth which will be focusing on the Divine Feminine energy ( this area includes Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, S. Dakota and N. Dakota.) Just today I was meditating on a wooded hilltop as the sun rose, and MA RA was felt in a loving light .I have changed in just the ways you have spoke of over the the years and feel the pain of destruction to Earth, and pray for ways to heal Her.  I have taken on the challenge to speak to groups on concepts of the book "Bringing Nature Home",  as a master gardener we speak of worms, insects, nature.  Once a city girl, my husband and I now live rurally, planting trees, keeping bees naturally. We mentor new beekeepers in an effort to to help save the bees. We CAN simplify living, join organic farms, etc.  Women  CAN do this and in doing so, bringback the Divine Feminine. One thing I have learned helping women in Africa…..educate the WOMAN and society CHANGES!  You have been MOST helpful and I now have another book to get for my daughter….Love and peace   Helen

  7. Brendan Ryan says:

    Divine Feminine Energy was intense in 2012.

  8. Jess says:

    I really loved your words, I shared them on my blog with a link to this original message. 
    Blessings xoxox

  9. anniemm says:

    Thank you Jen, it is so good to know that the Divine Feminine is being recognised and encouraged as a way of thinking and being in the New Earth…may we all embrace this beautiful new way …

  10. anniemm says:

    Indeed it was Brendan and will continue to get stronger as more and more people recogise that we need to balance our head with our heart. No longer do we have to mask our true selves with a false face to the world…we can relax into authenticity. To assist this process Spirit of Woman flower Essences have been developed and continue to help people from all walks of life and from both sides of the gender divide to express their authentic selves. This enables men to embrace their softer side, granting a depth of life rarely experienced by men in the past. Thus the gender divide loses its energy charge as people come into balance.

  11. Elle Pynchon says:

    Thank you, very interesting, but I think men are coming into touch with their own inner Divine Feminine too — it’s not just women. Whether we have female or male-gendered bodies, we each have elements of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

  12. Mat Demian says:

    Who’s the author of the artwork? PLEASE 🙂

  13. anniemm says:

    Elle Pynchon »I couldn’t agree more. It is wonderful isn’t it, that men are coming into their hearts.

    And it is so much more challenging for them as they are primarily hard-wired to respond to the world through thinking rather than feeling. To access the heart is a welcome relief for many men though as the pressure to always be rational and detached takes its toll (hence the preponderance of men who suffer from heart attacks!). May we all, women and men alike, embrace the Divine Feminine and come into our hearts. What a difference it will make to the world when it fully happens!

  14. anniemm says:

    I can’t tell you, but it is beautiful isn’t it?

  15. Mat Demian says:

    Indeed it is. By the way, I found her: Helena Nelson-Reed


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