How can women take back ownership of their bodies and their souls, so that they are in control of the physical functions and processes that are uniquely their own?

Currently many women give over control of their body-mind to doctors and allow themselves to be guided and led by a medical model that runs on the male principles of scientific rationale, hierarchical structure and a mechanized view of the body.

It is easy for women to feel over-whelmed by lack of understanding of how their bodies, minds and souls work because we have been flooded for so long with values belonging to the opposite gender.

After all, it was a man who invented the pill. Where is the male pill, I ask you?

Any male might know how the body works mechanically, but he cannot fully grasp the magnitude of the effects that female hormones (and synthetic hormones) have on the emotions and attitudes of a woman, because it is outside of his experience.

Women Soothe and Heal by Nature

Healing the body and soul involves a shift on all levels of being. True healing requires feeling – for both the depth of the pain and for the path back to balance.

Healing through feeling is the domain of the feminine principle and involves the female attributes of healing energy exchange through caring, sharing, touching, empathisizing and love.

There are many men who have highly developed female sides and who are very adept in these areas also.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not putting down males. But the mainstream medical model is so deeply rooted in the masculine principle that it does not allow that the softer feminine approach of energy exchange can have real and lasting healing benefits on the body-mind.

In truth, this is where real healing, on all levels of being takes place all the way through from annoying symptoms to chronic disease.

Women’s Medicine is Mind-Body Medicine

The range of symptoms that might come under the heading of women’s issues and reproduction can include pre-menstrual syndrome, endometriosis, infertility, persistent miscarriages, hormonal depression, peri-menopause and menopausal symptoms, tiredness, lack of libido etc.

But also important for most women are emotional concerns such as persistent sadness, feelings of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fear of success, relationship trauma which often accompany the above physical symptoms.

A natural medicine approach, as distinct from mainstream medicine, treats the whole person, body, mind and spirit, in the knowledge that there is no physical symptom that does not have an accompanying emotional and attitudinal component.

As women we can own our own bodily processes when we take back control of our health. Conception can occur naturally even in the face of years of unsuccessful trying. Women can take control of their own fertility by getting to know how their body operates and working naturally in sync with it.

 Your body might need some nutritional assistance to assist it to return to peak condition and that may take time however.

You may not have the skills to evaluate what you need to assist your body’s own healing process, but through net-working, attending a female practitioner who will assist you in an empathetic way, informing yourself with all the information that is available today and by trusting in your own intuitive whisperings you can start the journey back to the powerful woman you were designed to be.

By Becoming Healthy as Women We Honour our Men

When we embark on this journey, we honour our men-folk. We stand as their equals, not trying to be like them or to outsmart them, or giving them all our power, but by gifting them with the full blossoming of the feminine essence, and enjoying, for our part, the uniqueness of maleness that they can offer us as their gift.

In this way females and males truly find the balance that nature intended for us and we complete the whole by each being fully one of the parts. Men are hard-wired to like women who are sexy, playful and caring. Is that you right now or are you too burdened to lighten-up?


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