I received an email from a midwife and a kinesiologist just recently. I felt it to be so heart-rending and wanted to share it. She is speaking her truth as she knows it and experiences it and tells the story for many women who can’t articulate their disconnection from themselves.

Thank you Chris.

She says:

Unfortunately the great majority of birthing women do not have a clue about their bodies, pregnancy, birth or mothering. I see it every day where I work in the emergency department of the ………… Hospital in ………… A large percentage have not attended any childbirth classes and have no knowledge of the process of labour. When I ask them what plans they have to assist labour most look at me blankly and say, “ just get an epidural as soon as possible” or just see what happens.

They are anaemic, low in platelets, low in ferritin, have long prelabours (where I see them) and have no chi to labour with. I had a couple from India try to pay me today to let her stay in the emergency department even though she had not started to dilate, was having irregular contractions for 3 hours. No show, membranes intact on her due date. When I told them to go home have a nice long warm bath, analgesic and some nutritious food and a sleep they looked at me as if I was crazy.

Previously I had my own private practice and delivered more than 1000 babies at home and hospitals and had the privilege of being with motivated, informed aware women and their partners. It is another world. I do hope your book will filter through to women and empower them to take the reins, so to speak, for a better world.

What Chris is describing is all around us – women (and men) who are disempowered and disabled because they do not know how to connect with the natural intelligence that is biologically designed into their living systems.

When and as we do take control of our lives by trusting the processes that are inbuilt and listening to our own wisdom rather than that of someone ‘out there’ purported to be an expert, we create a better world. Babies born into awareness carry it with them for the rest of their lives. That is why birthing is such an powerfully formative process and sets the tone of the baby’s life forevermore on all levels of her being: physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and relational.

And since birthing is the flowering of a woman’s sexuality, it is deeply in her interests to approach the process with awareness and from an informed base. When the experience is a conscious one and the woman delves deep into the well of her ancient female lineage to gather the resources for the birthing process, she awakens a power within her that has been formerly untapped. She has ripened and begins to exude the sweetness inherent in her feminine design.

She can now experience the true depth of her orgasmic capacity and imbue her children with the joys of deep intimacy that they will carry into the next generation. Avoidance of the birth process through heavy medication, instrument-assisted labour or caesarean section robs a woman of her own birth-right, that of being fully a woman.

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One Response to Modern Women, Modern Birthing?

  1. Sarah Sylvester says:

    I couldn't agree more. The problem lies that we are so disconnected from our female lineage – speaking of myself too. We have to do a lot of work to re connect! And most importantly remove the doubt that has been seeded in us by the patriarchal world.
    Its a hard lesson to learn but we are hopefully working on it for ourselves and the planet X

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