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Born in Cameroon, Sophie B arrived in Paris, France at the age of five where she spent most of her life.
At a very young age, she developed a gift for drawing and as a teenager she developed interest in fashion and went on to pursue it as a career.
At the age of 15 she passed the entrance examination at one of France most prestigious school of Art ‘Ecole Boulle’.
Family constraints prevented her from finalizing her enrollment at Ecole Boulle but she continued her general studies while taking evening classes in fashion design.
As a young adult, Sophie B worked as a freelance stylist for independent brands and worked on collections in the famous Parisian ready-to-wear district “Le sentier” for few years before moving to the beauty industry where she worked as a specialist and consultant in “Aesthetics-Tech”, providing her clientele the best of techniques, products and machines.
As a beauty consultant, she trained hundreds of professionals and has been in the industry for over 15 years.
In 2019, Sophie B launched the brand Essence of Woman.

Essence of Woman focuses in the design and production of clothing and accessories for women.
Inspired by Designer Sophie B, Essence of Woman clothing is a mix of Western and African fashion for women who want to look Elegant, Sophisticated, sometimes Sensual and Original at any time of the day and occasion.
Essence of Woman outfit can be defined as Casual-Smart or Chic depending on the way it is worn or highlighted. Essence of Woman accessories are inspired by traditional African jewelry and are handcrafted in Ghana by using sustainable brass materials.
The Essence of Woman style is timeless…